Baseball Dog Days of Summer

Back in 1993, Milk-Bone made player and pooch trading cards for some reason. Like lots of pop culture from the early ‘90s, the result was brightly colored, mildly awkward and accidentally awesome. The backside of these cards not only had the player’s stats, but the dog’s as well! I wonder how many pups tore apart these treat scented cards before the owner could collect them?

Kino and Roscoe look like the dog casting of a buddy cop movie.

Barry’s dogs bio is pretty straight forward, but I’ll quote the rest below because they are straight-up bonkers.

“Taylor thinks he’s a human. He has a 200 word vocabulary and can even spell.”

I don’t know if that dog can really spell, but Rob’s sweater is Best in Show.

“Cy is very protective of his property. He also was one of only three dogs that survived a kennel fire in 1989.”

Man, that took a dark turn.

“Zach loves all types of exercise. He also like to sleep on the stairs and watch over the house. “

Look at those floppy Muppet ears on this stair napping pupperino!

“Tiffany, nicknamed Killer, once chased away a burglar. She loves socializing, shopping and french fries. “

Tiffany was absolutely living her best life. Dog bless her!

Trading card quips and whatnot by @t_shaps

Trading card quips and whatnot by @t_shaps